Friday, October 12, 2012

gray & red ruffle tote bag {love}

This is my new bag.  I started out using this pattern, but then decided that I wanted my bag to be cute on the outside, not just useful.  So I put all the pockets on the inside (still making it useful) & created the ruffle on the outside (making it cute).  
I added these little accent tabs by the straps & I love how they turned out.  I thought about adding buttons in the center of the little tabs, but I decided they may look weird because they are not square, but more rectangle.
This bag was just the right size to fit my DSLR camera in on my trip to Alberta last week.  I made this padded bag to carry my big camera in when I want to just put it in my purse. I was also able to fit an extra lens in the padded bag & my zoom lens in the lens cozy (from that same post) all fit inside my purse. 
I love the unfinished ruffle across the front.  And I absolutely love the printed fabric.  It has cities from all over the world on it, including the little town I live in!!!

And there are all the awesome pockets inside.  The one where my wallet is was one large one, but I decided it would be more useful as two smaller ones, so I stitched in between to make two.
This top shallow zipper pocket is my favorite.  I love that it is shallow & long so I can put my pens/pencils in there & I can find them very quickly and easily. 
I keep my gum & lip balm in this small pocket.
And my business cards & my son's inhaler in this pocket that has a flap.  The flap isn't really necessary on the inside of the bag and if I were to make this one again I would probably omit this.  
There's my wallet in the right pocket and in the other one I put my sunglass case and a few other items that fit perfectly in there.
And there's the back.  Not very pretty, but I just wanted to show that it is plain...nothing fancy there.  You can tell I've already been using it a lot!
 One thing I didn't plan for, but have found very helpful with this bag, is that my coupon binder fits in it perfectly.  

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