Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Homecoming dress}

I finished making Cammi's homecoming dress at 1am the same morning that I was leaving for Alberta.  There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to get something done.  Homecoming was the week that I was gone to Canada for my good friend's wedding.  Cammi went with a few of her friends, since a guy didn't ask her.  She had a blast, but I was very sad that I wasn't here to see her off that night.  
I used the Simplicity #2442 pattern found here.  I did add the dickey in to make it modest.
Can you see the zebra print under the lace? Cammi loves zebra prints & had to incorporate that in there somewhere.
She wore the dress to church today so I had my chance to snap a few pictures of the dress.  My daughter, Miranda did her hair & tried to duplicate it for church today so I could get some photos of that as well (per a request from a friend).

This last one reminds me of how my mom used to curl my hair for special occasions when I was really little...little pincurls!

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  1. I thought she looked beautiful in the dress today!! You did a great job, as usual!!