Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{a dinosaur and a penguin}

Cammi wanted to make some toys for the boys this year so I helped her with these.  I think this little guy got a little too much stuffing, but he's still cute.
And then we made this penguin for Spencer.  Spencer told me tonight that he had to take his stuffed animals with him to his cousins house because he can't sleep without them (he's 11 years old-how cute is that?).
If you would like to purchase a stuffed animal like one of these they are $20 + shipping. You can choose the colors/prints/fabrics and I will try to find fabric as close to what you request as possible or you can send me the fabrics that you purchase.  Contact me at:  chelscraps@)  
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  1. Those are so cute! I think you have some toy making competition in the house :)