Friday, March 29, 2013

{felt easter chicks}

I decided to make some little chicks like these for my Easter wreath that we made in our craft group about a month ago and when I started making them I decided I wanted to make some to sit on my bookshelf.  So I made them a little bigger for the shelf.  You can see the smaller ones on my wreath here.
{Lt. Pink} 
{Medium Purple} 
{Light Aqua} 
{Medium Aqua} 
{Lime Green} 
{Saffron Yellow} 
{Dark Purple} 
If you would like to purchase a set of chicks like these they are $4.00 each for the large size, $3 each for the medium size, and $2 each for the small size {+ shipping, if applicable}. You can choose the colors.  There are 8 colors shown here and more options available, shown below.

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