Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a new bag for makyla {scripture tote}

I've made so many bags for my girls, but Makyla (my 13yo) insisted she needed another one for her scripture bag.  Then as soon as I was done making it, she decided she wanted to use it for school too.  Silly girl!
I tried so hard to hide this silly mistake, but there's not a chance in this picture.  I've never done this before and probably should have fixed it, but I decided not to, and knew Makyla wouldn't care {and just as I suspected, she didn't}!   Do you see it?
If you would like to purchase a bag head over to my Etsy shop and send me a message. You can choose the colors/prints/fabrics and I will try to find fabric as close to what you request as possible.  Contact me through my shop. 
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