Thursday, May 23, 2013

{ties, ties and more ties ~ teachers gifts}

The 3 ties that are pictures below (with my handsome headless husband as my model- honestly he made me show him that I wasn't photographing his face) were for teachers this year.    
These 2 {the bright green and the purple zebra} were for Cammi's (she was a junior this year) and Miranda's (she was a freshman this year) Seminary Teacher.  They had the same teacher this year and my older daughter, Korryne had him as well.  He is leaving to go to another school next year and they wanted to give him something special.  
This teal tie was for my 4th daughter, Makyla's, choir teacher.  She gave all of her female teachers these zipper pouches, so we needed to come up with something more masculine for her male choir teacher.  Two of my older daughters had this same teacher, one for choir and one for band.
I made these ties with the leftover fabrics that I had from my girls formal dresses, that I've made over the last year.  The fabric for the teal ties were from the most recent dress, Cammi's prom dress.  The purple zebra was from Cammi's homecoming dress.  The bright green was from Korryne's prom dress from last year.  The royal blue is from Cammi's Spring Formal dress from last year.
If you would like me to made a custom made tie for you like these they are $15 + shipping.  There are several colors to choose from (and a few prints), just message me with what you are looking for and I will try to find fabric as close to what you request as possible.  Contact me at: chelscraps (@)  

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