Thursday, August 8, 2013

{chocolate big bow backpack ~ for makyla}

After Makyla, my 13yo, saw the backpack I was making for Cammi, my 17yo (seen here), she decided she wanted one of her own.  She found one online that she liked and wanted something similar to Cammi's with the large bow on it like this one I came up with. The inside is pretty much the same as Cammi's bag. 
 I used the same pattern that I used for Cammi's, so this shows how different the same bag can turn out, but adding different elements and eliminating others.
If you would like to purchase a backpack similar to this one they are $35-$40, depending on the size and materials needed {+shipping}. 
Just head on over to my Etsy Shop and message me with a custom order, or email me directly.  You can choose the colors/prints/fabrics and I will try to find fabric as close to what you request as possible.  Contact me at: chelscraps (@)  
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