Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{another sweet zipper pouch}

I'm not sure why, but I am drawn to this combination of fabrics. I LOVE the vintage-y looking flowers with the olive polka dots. So pretty.   
My best friend tells me all the time that I am very good at putting fabrics together. I think this comes from all the years I spent scrapbooking and the 12 years I taught card-making & scrapbooking classes.  
This pouch is available in my Etsy shop, however if you'd like to order a pouch similar to this, but with different fabrics head over to my shop and place a custom order. You can choose the colors/prints/fabrics and I will try to find fabric as close to what you request as possible.  Please note that I cannot guarantee that I can find exactly what you would like, but I will do my best.   
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  1. Hello Rachelle,

    thank you for visiting my quilted teacup :)

    Your friend is right. You are very good at putting fabrics together. The zipper pouch is lovely in combination of pink + olive green


    1. Thank you Citra! You are very sweet and talented yourself!