Monday, January 27, 2014

{a Christmas panda}

At the beginning of January I had a client that asked me to make a panda exactly like the one in a picture he sent me.  This is what I came up with.
I was curious why he wanted a Christmas panda a few weeks after Christmas, but he never responded when I asked that question, so my curiosity is still peaked.
I made the panda with a pattern from Melly & Me !  I used a pattern from Noialand for the Christmas lights.  The hat was made by enlarging a pattern from Sweet Briar Sisters.
The panda & the santa hat were made with very soft fabrics and the lights were all hand-stitched with felt and embroidery floss.  In all of my stuffed animals that are in a sitting position I add a filling to the bottom to help them sit up on their own.
If you'd like to order a panda head over to my Etsy shop and place a custom request.   
The panda by itself would be $25.   
Add a hat for $8 
Add Christmas lights (or a different accessory) for $10.

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