Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{miranda's prom dress}

This is my 16 year old daughter, Miranda.  I realized recently that I never posted this dress I made for her.
Miranda is a very creative and talented artist.  She drew out the dress she wanted for prom. I found a pattern that was the closest to what she wanted and made a few alterations to the pattern.   
Have I told you before how I loathe store bought patterns for clothes?  I don't know what the deal is, but they NEVER fit the size that you actually are.  Miranda is a size 3 and I had to cut this dress out at a 12 I think.  WAY OFF!!!! They really need to update the pattern sizing to match the sizes in the stores.
I used this pattern above for the main dress. I then cut the neckline into a V, and created an uneven pleated dickie, to create the look Miranda wanted.
I used this pattern (above) for the sleeves and altered those as well.  I made them wider to make them more modest.
Isn't she beautiful?  

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  1. Beautiful daughter, and beautiful dress! Thank you for sharing this at my What Are You Doing? Blog Hop last week!