Friday, September 5, 2014

{Hanging Handtowel Tutorial}

Last week we had my second basic sewing class and we made Hanging Dishtowels/Handtowels. (Don't look at how uneven my towels ended up, I clearly need to fix the button placement on the yellow button one). 
FYI, I got this pattern from Kleio's Belly, which includes the instructions, but no photos, so I made my own tutorial with photos. Photos always help, especially for beginning sewists. 
Start by downloading the Hanging Towel Pattern.   

You will need (makes 2 hanging towels):
One purchased handtowel/dishtowel (apprx. 24"x15")
4 pieces of fabric measuring 7"x 12"(two for each towel)
2 piece of iron on interfacing measuring 7"x 12" (one for each towel)
Two buttons (one for each towel)

Note:  the pattern's tutorial says to use flannel, I use interfacing and it works great and it's less expensive. 

Ok, here we go! 
 I found this fun fabric scrap at one of my favorite fabric stores here locally. I didn't realize that I had cut it so that the ladies would all be covered up once the towels were finished, until it was too late. Bummer.  
 That's why I have this one towel buttoned on backwards, so you can see the cute girl!
As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all.
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