Tuesday, January 6, 2015

{Medusa & Greek Goddess Costumes~2014}

I know, this doesn't really look like a costume.  Well, this was the dress that I made for Cammi's Medusa costume this last year.  She decided that it could double as a regular dress, so she just added a belt and changed her shoes.  Oh, and decided not to add the snakes to her hair for church!
My other daughter, Miranda, did her hair, with fake snakes coming out of it and it looked so great, but I didn't get to get a good photo of her that night because she had to work and then went straight to a friends party and got ready there.  She took a photo on her phone in front of a mirror at her friends house, so that's the best I have.

This next one was a Greek Goddess for my oldest daughter, Korryne (pronounced Corrine).  I almost always have to add or change something to store-bought patterns and of course I had to with this one as well.  I combined two different patterns, added the dickie and made up the pattern for the sleeves.  They didn't turn out exactly like she wanted, but that was because we ran out of fabric and time. I think it turned out okay and she was happy with it so that's what really matters.
I also made my 16 yo daughter, Miranda, a toga for her Egyptian Goddess costume.  I thought it turned out pretty cool, but she got ready at a friends house and I didn't get a photo of her. Bummer :( 
Cammi keeps telling me that I need to make formals for other people, because I could make some good money. I keep telling her no-way, and that this is a perk for being my child... to get a formal that doesn't look like anyone else's!

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