Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Cash Envelope Wallet}

This was a custom order for Deirdre. She wanted a cash envelope wallet
This wallet has 5 cash pockets and one zipper pocket for coins.  There's more...
When you order a customized cash envelope wallet you can choose the prints and colors.
Each envelope has a custom label that I create according to what you'd like.
Deirdre chose Entertainment, Groceries, Gas, Rosie (for her dog) & Misc.  
  There's also a big pocket behind the coin pocket that you can use for many things, a checkbook, other cash, papers, etc.
And there's 4 credit card pockets, these can also be used for loyalty cards or business cards as well.
You can order a custom wallet over in my Etsy Shop. I do have other types of wallets available as well.

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