Saturday, February 28, 2015

{Zarina, the Pirate Fairy doll}

Have you seen the Tinkerbell movies?
This is Zarina, The Pirate Fairy
This was a custom order for Allison to give to her granddaughter, who loves Zarina.
You can order a custom doll over in my Etsy Shop.
This doll was made with a pattern by Gingermelon & myself. 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

{A Fox Purse}

Jessica wanted a purse made with this fun pattern and with foxes (that word doesn't sound correct, but it is!). I found this fun fabric and she loved it so here goes.
This purse has a lot of pockets.  There are 4 inside and one outside.
You can see more details over in my shop where you can order a purse like this with fabrics that you'd like.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Cash Envelope Wallet}

This was a custom order for Deirdre. She wanted a cash envelope wallet
This wallet has 5 cash pockets and one zipper pocket for coins.  There's more...
When you order a customized cash envelope wallet you can choose the prints and colors.
Each envelope has a custom label that I create according to what you'd like.
Deirdre chose Entertainment, Groceries, Gas, Rosie (for her dog) & Misc.  
  There's also a big pocket behind the coin pocket that you can use for many things, a checkbook, other cash, papers, etc.
And there's 4 credit card pockets, these can also be used for loyalty cards or business cards as well.
You can order a custom wallet over in my Etsy Shop. I do have other types of wallets available as well.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Mr. French}

You can order a custom French Mime doll over in my Etsy Shop.  This little guy is approximately 6" tall.  You can see more details in my shop.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{Chiffon's dolls}

These sweet little dolls are all friends on an adventure.  They are the main characters in a book series by Chiffon Jenkins called "The Goldflower Adventures".  Her second book is almost ready to come out.
photo courtesy of Chiffon Jenkins
This photo above is the one from the book that Chiffon sent me.  This is what I used to go off of to create the dolls.
Olivia is the main character,
and her striped socks are her trademark.  These were quite tricky to create.  I had to piece fabrics together to get the stripes I needed.
This is Josie.  She's a tomboy and loves baseball and I love how her hair turned out.
This is Maria & Isabella, they are twins.
Meet Marvin.
He loves superheros.
And Ming Lin is the girly one of the bunch.  She loves to wear dresses and bows in her hair.
And last, but not lease, this is Alex.  He is good buds with Marvin and also likes superheros.
I had so much fun creating this fun group of kids for Chiffon. Our discussions back and forth made their characters really come to life for me.  I wish her best wishes with her second book coming out. Her website will be up soon, so watch for a link in the near future.

You can order a custom doll similar to these over in my Etsy Shop.

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